Romanticism and Time - Conference - Université de Lille

8-10 November 2018




 Romanticism and Time

Conference of the French Society for the Study of English Romanticism (SERA)

co-organized by the Université de Lille and the Université de Lorraine,
with the support of the Institut Universitaire de France and of the SERA
to be held at the Université de Lille on 8-10 November 2018


Keynote Speakers: Kevis Goodman, University of California, Berkeley, and Paul Hamilton, Queen Mary, University of London

A roundtable on Romanticism and Periodization will be chaired by David Duff, Queen Mary, University of London

Scientific Committee: Prof. Caroline Bertonèche, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, President of the SERA, Prof. Laurent Châtel, Université de Lille, Prof. David Duff, Queen Mary, University of London, Prof. Thomas Dutoit, Université de Lille, Prof. Jean-Marie Fournier, Université Paris Diderot, Prof. Marc Porée, École Normale Supérieure, Prof. Laura Quinney, Brandeis University, Prof. Fiona Stafford, Somerville College, Oxford


The French Society for the Study of British Romanticism (SERA – Société d’Etudes du Romantisme Anglais), an academic society created in 2009, continues the tradition of the “Centre du Romantisme anglais”. Its aim is to promote trans-disciplinary approaches in the Romantic period, ranging from the history of ideas to philosophy, aesthetics, music, literature, and human sciences.

The executive committee includes Prof Caroline Bertonèche (Université Grenoble Alpes, President), Prof Christian La Cassagnère (Emeritus, Université de Lyon II, Honorary President), Prof Jean-Marie Fournier (Université Paris 7, Honorary President), Prof Marc Porée (ENS, Vice President), Prof Denis Bonnecase (Université Grenoble Alpes, Vice President), Dr Sophie Laniel-Musitelli (Université de Lille, Secretary), Dr Céline Sabiron (Université de Lorraine, Vice Secretary), and Dr Sébastien Scarpa (Université Grenoble Alpes, Treasurer).

The SERA regularly sponsors international and day conferences around the country, and organizes workshops and panel sessions during the annual SAES symposium, to showcase the work of French academics and postgraduates in the field of Romantic studies.

The “Romanticism and Time” Conference illustrates the SERA’s ambition to promote the cross-cultural study of Romanticism and to strengthen its ties with other Romantic associations around the world.


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